Video for Lab2 uploaded

posted 16 Mar 2014, 08:09 by Alex Becheru

The video for the second laboratory has been added. You can find it here.
I am sorry for the poor sound but my recording equipment has to be upgraded. Just turn the volume to maximum and hopefully you should be able to figure what I am saying.


posted 15 Mar 2014, 06:08 by Alex Becheru

During our next lab, 20.03.2014, you shall be tested for you knowledge.
You can find the test description here.

1st LAB video was uploaded

posted 3 Mar 2014, 04:41 by Alex Becheru

You can find the 1st laboratory's video posted on Youtube at this address.

Changes in the laboratory schedule

posted 3 Mar 2014, 04:39 by Alex Becheru

From this week on the laboratory will take place between 4 to 8 PM every Thursday.
The location is the same hall S6n.


posted 19 Feb 2014, 11:14 by Alex Becheru   [ updated 19 Feb 2014, 11:23 ]

My name is Alex Becheru, and I will be teaching the Information Retrieval Laboratory. 
Please feel free to contact me:
daily from 12 PM to 16 PM in Room S2bis

Knowing each other

posted 19 Feb 2014, 11:01 by Alex Becheru   [ updated 19 Feb 2014, 11:10 ]

Please complete the following form. This way I get to know some things about you. I shall adapt the laboratory teaching in accordance to the information that I will get from you.

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